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Grab-Fuck Hair

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The sex is in the hair.
grab-fuck hair -- a quality of hair appealing to certain hair fetishists in which its thickness, disarray, and/or length compels one to grab it, pull it, and fuck the owner of said hair while holding on.

This is a picture community.

* Images of celebrities both male and female (and even animated characters) who have grab-fuck hair or seem to be having a grab-fuck hair moment will be posted. It's all about the hair!

* Please post ALL pictures behind the handy-dandy LJ cut (especially if they happen to be huge or nude...or huge AND nude...). Small or low-resolution thumbnail/teaser images are okay.

* Don't be postin' like five million bajillion pics in one post. Spread 'em out. Groups of pics can be of the same person or of a mix of people.

* Feel free to talk about the pic(s) in your post! If you want to, say why you think this person has grab-fuck hair, why you like them, or anything else you'd like to share.

Have fun!