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old men with great hair

I'm new to the community.  Thought I'd add some life with a few pictures.  May I present...

Alan Rickman.  One need only watch Sense & Sensibility or Sweeney Todd to get the hair effect.

Ardal O'Hanlon, Irish comedian extraordinaire.  One of the few gingers I'd bestow the title of having grab fuck hair on.

It may all be gray, but I'll be damned if it's not sexy as hell.

Gary Oldman seems to be a popular one in this community.

Jack Davenport has done me the favor of grabbing his hair for me.

Jeremy Irons and his unruly mane.

Linus Roache.  I know he's dressed like a priest in this picture, but doesn't that just kind of add to it?

A few others I'd put in this category are David Tennant, Richard Armitage, Alan Davies, Stephen Rea, Jon Stewart, Gabriel Byrne, and Terry Jones circa 1975.
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