Mz. M (swankyfunk) wrote in grab_fuck_hair,
Mz. M

Huge-- I mean, HUGH Jackman

I just thought I'd share some Hugh with you. I tried to stay away from the crotch shots, as this community isn't called crotch_shots (although I am tempted now to create one...either that or grabby_ass...anyway, where was I...) So yeah, while I was looking through some galleries, I realized that he took some really campy pictures when he was younger, so I threw one in just because. Enjoy.

Is this not incredibly cheesecake?? I love it.

He sure knows how to use his hair to his advantage.

Wolverine comes with natural grab-fuck hair. Mmmm....leather and adamantium.

Why yes, I would indeed like to horse around with Hugh Jackman.

And he feels FABULOUS! Hugh as Peter Allen in Broadway's The Boy From Oz, which I had the pleasure of seeing three (THREE!) times. My mom also practically molested him, but that's another story.
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