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last call for a hyper vodka

Unfortunately, Christopher Eccleston doesn't really have enough hair for grab-fucking, so to follow on the heels of miffyvampirebat's Tenth Doctor post, I bring you Cap'n Jack, because everyone needs a bit of bisexual time pirate/galactic con-man in his or her life. John Barrowman's also been in De-Lovely and The Producers:

Okay, so this is more about the beckoning purple crotch than the hair, but...

During recording for John Barrowman Swings Cole Porter.

Somebody's con pic. Before you latch onto the hair you're gonna need to remove a few layers.

"Ever done it in a Tardis?"
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Oooooooh he's perfectly adorable. Nice purple crotch. And nice bare arms, rarr.
Ok now I'm sad, there aren't any pictures.